“Are you looking for a loyal, intelligent and loving new family member? Maybe I am just the dog you have been waiting for?! My name is Arlo and I looking for a new home with a family I can spend the rest of my life with. I am an 8 year old shepherd mix, a “young senior”. I weigh about 45 pounds.

“Dogs, cats, kind and respectful children – I am good with everyone! So if you have other friendly animals and kids, I could make a great addition to your home. I love to play with other dogs, I have always been very social with them. The only thing I don’t appreciate is when other dogs want to eat my food. I hear some people separate their dogs when they eat their meals, that sounds smart. I have never bitten or growled at another dog over food but it may be nice to not have to worry about another dog trying to eat my food.

“As I mentioned, I’m a young senior. I still love action and exercise. Admittedly I can’t run as long as I used to but I still thrive with exercise. Walks are great fun, I love them so much that I can pull in my excitement. This means you should be able to manage my strength. Perhaps we can work on my leash skills? I am very smart, I went through training as a puppy. I know some basic commands and bet I could learn more. I want to please my people and if you have treats as rewards, well, I am ready to learn!

“I am accustomed to having canine or feline company when my family leaves the house. With friends to keep my company, I’d bet I could ease into being fine when my new family has to leave the house. Just give me some time to learn the routine, all of us dogs need that. Upon your return I will give you my best “welcome home!” grin and tail wags.

“At this time in my life I can manage a few hours between potty breaks and I can still do stairs.
I bark, I am a dog! I bark in my excitement when people and other dogs friends come to visit. I talk (my people say it’s barking) when I play too. So if you don’t want a barking dog, I am not the boy for you.

“If you want a cuddler at night, I will happily join you in bed! I can sleep in my crate if you want me to but I hope there are some times you will allow time for us to be close-maybe on your couch? I am a super affectionate fellow; I give hugs and a lick on the cheek if you allow me to. I wouldn’t call myself needy though! There are plenty of times I will just go and find a comfy spot in the house and chill out. I don’t need constant attention.

“Now that you know more about me, maybe you’ll consider taking the next step to meet me? Or you will tell your friends about me? Surely there’s someone out there who will appreciate the good boy I am!”

Arlo is located in Bellingham, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Arlo is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.