Ava, a Jack Russell Terrier with an adorable one-ear-up/one-ear-down face, came into the shelter with a HUGE mammary tumor in a very bad location for removal. She also had an active skin infection that appeared to be from fleas, she was deaf, her vision was limited. She spent too long there before we could get her into a home and discovered that her anxiety had simply taken over. She paced and searched back and forth, barked at the air, couldn’t relax. After hours she would collapse in a dog bed and sleep very hard – exhausted no doubt. We told her how much we loved her, got her to respond to us so she could enjoy being stroked and getting treats, and when it was clear that there would be no more relief for her we let her go to rest in peace. We grieve for her, sad that we could give her no other gift. Ava died August 2015.