10 year old Oswald is handsome, 50 pound lab mix. He is very sweet and kind.  On his first day in his foster home he was challenged by a dominant male in the group. Oswald submitted instantly and though he was surrounded by 4 large dogs, he just centered himself and walked away.

Oswald is doing very well in his foster home.  He enjoys his back yard, the other dogs, his freedoms, his quiet times on the sofa, his romps through Marymoor park, and he is just really enjoying being back in a family again.

He does love his walks and though his foster parents are not runners, he did run a few times with a volunteer dog jogger. It was reported that he kept the perfect stride and focus during his jog and never stopped to smell things nor did he get distracted.

Oswald must have a six foot fenced yard.  He can scale 4 feet in a single bound .  He is active and wants to be with a person.  Oswald will be most successful in a home where someone is home, can exercise him, and does not live in multi density housing because he can be vocal when he wants something or an intruder is on the premises.

It is unknown how he would be with water sports but he’s a happy dog, game for anything, so he possibly could enjoy the beach or boating.

Oswald is posted for Rebecca’s Rainbow. He is fostered in Kirkland WA.  If you are interested in learning more about him or being considered for adoption, please go to:
www.rebeccasrainbow.org, click on Adopt, where you will find an online dog application.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.