Meet Bacchus. Due to lack of early socialization, she can be a bit shy at first, but is quick to warm up with a little TLC…and it doesn’t hurt to have some tasty treats either! She is a bit of a sensitive soul with a gentle spirit, and would do best in a quiet, routine oriented home where she can be loved and doted on. Look at her  AMAZING coat! With all that hair, she will require regular grooming from her trusted guardian, and in return she will continue to look like the gorgeous Lioness she is.

At 10 years old, Bacchus may be a senior, but she is no slouch. Seeing her run with a bounce in her step, her hair swaying in turn with every movement, is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, including Bacchus herself. It is pure joy to behold! She loves her walks and playing with friendly dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. However, being a senior comes with its limitations so one should make sure to keep it light and not to over exercise her, as Bacchus is currently on medication for pain management of her hips which really seems to be working for her. You would never know she was arthritic by the way she runs and flops on her back for some good old’ fashion belly rubs n luvs!!!

Currently Bacchus weighs 82 pounds. She is a bit plump right now, but after some consistent, regular exercise and a high-quality diet, she would be more comfortable in the 70ish pound range.

This sweet senior came to the shelter after it was discovered she is very afraid of young children, and it was no longer safe for her to be living in the same household with toddler aged kids. Toddlers can be very unpredictable, therefore she needs a home without children, or one with older dog-savvy kids that can understand and respect her boundaries. Bacchus lived well with a cat in the home. After a slow introduction it is believed she would be fine living with a dog-friendly-cat in the home!

Once Bacchus is comfortable, she is the most loving and trusting, sweet girl. She is looking for mutual love and trust, for her to spend the remainder of her retirement years. Could you be the one?

Bacchus is posted for the Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor in Friday Harbor, WA. If you are interested in adopting, and would like to make an appointment for a meet and greet, please fill out and submit their Canine Adoption Application from ​t​heir website here:

This is not an Old Dog Haven​ dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.