Bailey is a sweet, goofy 11-year-old puggle with a pug personality and beagle nose. She has enough energy and agility to keep up with her pit bull foster siblings on hikes, but is a total couch potato at home, and puts herself to bed by 8pm.

Bailey loves going for walks but she can be pretty leash reactive, especially with bicycles and other dogs. Once she’s been out walking for a while, she calms down and loves to trot and sniff around the neighborhood. Bailey’s adopter will need to be comfortable working with a leash reactive dog (unless you live in a less-populated area where it won’t be an issue). She’s super food-motivated and smart, and continued training will help her mind her manners.

Bailey has a strong beagle nose and will sniff out a piece of kibble that fell behind the fridge weeks ago. She’s been known to get into an unsecured trash can or litter box, and will need a home where the family is mindful of keeping dangerous treats out of reach. Bailey is crate trained and will happily stay crated while you’re out. She’ll then give you a hearty beagle bark when you get home!

Bailey might be happiest as an only pet, but she is tolerant of the other animals in her foster home. She’s people-oriented and mostly ignores other dogs. She has chased the resident cats off when they get too close to her food, but dog-savvy cats might be okay as long as the litter box is kept well out of reach.

Bailey is posted for Pacific Pug Rescue located in Portland Oregon.  If you are interested in learning more please email

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.