Sweet Henry’s person passed away; another dog “left behind”.  This wonderful boy is only 10 years old. Henry is a 40 pound Havanese mix. We are told that he has a really great demeanor that everyone notices and appreciates. Henry just wants to please his people and spend time with them.

Currently Henry is living with another dog. He does well with other dogs at doggy daycare. No one is sure how Henry would do with a cat but the belief is, because he’s such a nice dog, he could be OK. No promises though! Henry is living now with a child and would be fine with kids who are kind to him.

Henry is reportedly fine to stay alone in the home while his people are away. He is dog door and potty pad trained. Henry needs a potty break every 4-6 hours. Henry does have some hearing loss and a touch of arthritis. At this time he can do stairs but that may become harder for him as time goes on.

If he had his wish, Henry would get to go for a walk every day! He’s pretty good on leash but he will playfully bark at other dogs if he’s out and about. His adopter must be able to manage a 40 pound dog’s excitement on leash. We’d bet he would do well with some training on leash manners. Henry likes to go out into a fenced yard to explore and sniff.

Henry is so deserving of a home with someone who will love and appreciate all he has to offer-and we think it sounds like he has quite a lot to offer. If you’re looking for a forever friend, Henry may just be what you were hoping for!

Henry is posted for his caregivers in Shoreline, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.