“My name is Baker, I’m a 9 year old labrador retriever. I weigh 100 pounds, which is large for my breed.

“I came to my family as a puppy. Life was good for a very long time. I was a happy boy who was well behaved. I lived inside, used the dog door to get out to potty. I stayed in the house alone when my people were gone and there were no issues. I was loved and I loved my people. Older children were fine to be around, I lived with cats too.

“Then one day not long ago my person brought home a puppy. Puppies can be annoying to us mature dogs. While humans “Ooh and Aww” over them, they don’t recognize that the puppy has no manners and they expect us older dogs to teach them how to behave. I wasn’t happy, the puppy bothered me so I bit the puppy, badly. After that, I was sent to live outside and my lifelong person told her human child to have me put to sleep. Instead of doing that, she brought me to stay elsewhere. I can’t go to her home because she has her own dogs and she’s nervous about how I’ll be with them. Biting that puppy has given me a bad rap. And yes, I probably should find a home where there are no other animals.

“That’s my story. While I’m being honest, I’ve not had a lot of vetting in my life but I have no control over that, so I hope it won’t be held against me.  I have had my shots though, I hear that counts as something.

“I’m a big, lovable boy who needs a forever home as soon as possible. I can’t stay where I am indefinitely. I want a home like I used to have. Another home where I lived inside, had people who loved me and people who allowed me to adore them. I need a home with someone who will commit to my care and well being for the rest of my days. That is what all of us dogs hope to find, right?”

Baker is a courtesy post for his caregiver. He is currently located in Mt. Vernon, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.