Bear is a 14 pound Chihuahua/Pug who is about 10 years old. Technically he may be a senior, and yes he does enjoy a quiet snooze, but Bear can get ready for an adventure faster than you can pack lunch!

This little guy has lost his home due to COVID, and is looking for someone new to love. He would be happiest with quiet adults who enjoy walks, and the two items at the top of his wish list are lap time and a securely fenced yard. Bear loves being outside almost as much as he loves hanging out beside his special human!

Bear likes people, and quickly becomes very attached to his special person. He gets on well with calm, tolerant dogs, and he is cautiously respectful of cats and chickens. We were told that  he does display guarding behavior (growling, lip-lifting and occasional barking) when other dogs or less-favored humans approach while he’s snuggling with his foster mom. Bear’s adopter will need to be prepared to manage this behavior kindly but firmly.

Bear is a quiet pup who wants nothing more than to hang out with his special human. If the lap isn’t available he’s content to snooze nearby until invited for a walk or car ride. He walks well on a leash and he knows “sit”, but his recall is unreliable and he can’t be safe off-leash in an unfenced area. He is reliably house-trained, doesn’t chew inappropriately, rarely barks, and doesn’t jump up on people (except when he’s asking for lap time).

Bear has had excellent care for the past nine years, and his full vet records will be provided to his adopter. Overall he’s in good health, but he’s on a prescription diet to prevent pancreatitis. His teeth have some tartar and will need cleaning at some point in the next six to nine months, but generally his mouth is in good shape for an older dog (despite looking a little lopsided and weird). He does not appear to have any significant arthritis.

Bear is cross posted for Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team (HART). Bear is located in the Tri-Cities, in Eastern Washington.  HART will work with approved adopters to transport pets, as needed, to their new homes within the Pacific Northwest.  Please email to request an adoption application form.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.