“My name is Bison, I know what you’re thinking-I’m a dog! Anyway, I am a 70 pound lab mix. I’m a friendly girl who really LOVES her people. I’m searching for a new home where I can be someone’s one and only furry family member. I need a home without other animals and while I’ve been good with kids, I’d do best in a home with nice kids age 10 and over.

“I was adopted a few years back to a family with one other dog. I never cared much for this dog but I tolerated him and let him know to give me space so we never had big issues. I lived life with my family and life was pretty good. Recently my family decided they wanted to rescue another dog, this is a much younger female who is about my size. Unfortunately we don’t like each other and we got into it which caused injury to me that required surgery to repair. My family, the vet and a trainer have decided it would be best for everyone involved for me to move. No one can say we didn’t try to make it work, it’s just not in the cards for me to live in a multiple pet home.

“Being only 8 years old, I’m just a young senior. I love to go for walks every day. I do best on walks when you put my special harness on as I can pull and I’m strong.  I LOVE to play fetch-that’s my favorite thing. I enjoy going on hikes too. I’m a great buddy to take along in the car. I will bark if I see another dog though, I’m just protecting our car! I’m not crazy about cold, rainy weather so on those days, I’ll join you on the couch (if you allow it).

“My people can tell you about my diet. I eat can food because dry food upsets my tummy. They say I have “minor kidney issues” so I the food I eat is safe for my kidneys. At this time I’m taking a medication to help chill me out.  If I can find a home where I’m not stressed, I may be able to be weaned off this medication. That’d be nice.

“While I can stay alone at home, I’d obviously prefer more company. Really, what kind of dog isn’t happier when her people are around? I’m very good about waiting to potty when I need to. I can sleep in my crate at night if you insist but I’m hoping I will find a home where I won’t have to do that anymore. I’d love to sleep in the bed with my new people, if they’ll allow it.  I’m very smart; my person says “super smart and trainable”.  I know some verbal commands. I bet I could learn more, I just need someone willing to take the time to teach me.

“I know I will be a little sad at first to have to move but I have to hope there’s someone out there who will love me, understand me and give me a home with them forever. I hope I can find my new family soon.”

Bison is located in Sammamish, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.