Bitsy was brought in to the shelter as a stray, very emaciated. After arriving at her Final Refuge home she was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. She’s also in poor oral health which will be addressed soon with a dental. Bitsy is a quiet, serious girl who shyly seeks attention with her big bright eyes and soulful gaze. When not napping, she really enjoys getting outside for some brisk walking. It’s been a challenge to get Bitsy to eat well but after seeing an internal medicine specialist, two ultrasounds and one hospitalization, she has pulled through for now. We hope we can keep Bitsy comfortable and stable for as long as possible, and that she knows she’s a treasured member of the family. Update: Little Bitsy’s kidneys simply couldn’t function any longer; she and her ODH mom had fought the good fight for 8 months. That tiny body held a strong spirit which is missed by her whole family. Bitsy passed away February 19, 2015.