Dear *Blossom* came into Old Dog Haven care after her beloved person of several years passed away. Prior to this, this little black and white Lab mix had had a tough life. Her first owners made her live outside after a child developed allergies, and after that rough treatment she was finally taken to a shelter. From there she was adopted out to a person who was unable to properly care for her and she was again surrendered. By this point, this lovely girl had lost a lot of confidence. She was very loved in her third home until her elderly person passed away, which again broke her heart. Fortunately, the extended family contacted ODH for help finding her a home where she could heal.

Her new ODH people renamed her *Blossom* as an aspiration and an inspiration…and blossom she did.  Despite being in deep mourning, each day in her Final Refuge home saw her brighten and shine. Her forever family were missing their own recently passed ODH seniors so they promised to love and heal along with her. *Blossom* took this pledge of unconditional love to heart, and boy did she bloom! She soon delighted in playfully chasing the resident squirrels (who knew she didn’t see well) and observing the visiting crows. She took long, long walks and seemed to breathe in possibility with each sniff. She met new dogs and cats and people and very quickly understood that she was now an important part of her neighborhood. She discovered that lounging on the new deck furniture was a comfy delight, and that every single day brought unlimited love and care and adventure.

*Blossom* had only a short time in her forever home, as a previously undiagnosed illness quickly became critical and her people had to let her go. But *Blossom* passed in her person’s arms knowing that she was loved and she was wanted. Her joyful, forgiving spirit shows us to never, ever give up on an old dog. Beautiful *Blossom* possum was fiercely loved and she is dearly missed.