Super sweet Shadow just needed the right home to finally feel safe. This border collie mix bounced between homes for a few years until Old Dog Haven was contacted for help placing her and several other dogs. Her last situation told ODH that she had some potential health issues, and that she got snappy with other dogs, especially when she was trying to be with “her person.” Fortunately, an experienced ODH family stepped up for Shadow, and added her to their happy pack.

Shadow’s Final Refuge family reports that she’s SUPER smart and like many dogs (especially seniors) she probably didn’t do well in a busy situation with lots of other dogs. In fact, after settling into her forever home, Shadow has shown no instances of snapping or resource guarding or territoriality. Her ODH mom thinks that Shadow just needed to be in a safe home with humans she knew and trusted to feel secure, with no reason to be reactive. She reports that her family is delighted to be a Final Refuge home again–Shadow is now their 4th ODH dog!  “She’s super sweet and is the perfect addition to our family. We absolutely love her!!!!! ”

Like many of our seniors, Shadow arrived with significant arthritis in her back end, yucky teeth, and lots of “lumps and bumps.” But because of your support of ODH, Shadow is also now getting the good veterinary care and medication she needed and she’s feeling so much more comfortable, physically and mentally. Combined with her forever family’s love and understanding, Shadow’s finally experiencing belonging and well-deserved relief. And now that sweet Shadow’s sitting pretty, she INSISTS on riding shotgun. What a good dog!

Update:  After a wonderfully long time in her Final Refuge home, we could no longer manage her kidney disease and we had to say a very difficult goodbye.  Shadow had the very best last chapter and knew she was truly loved and cherished.  Shadow’s family misses her greatly and will always remember this special girl.

Shadow riding shotgun

Shadow’s schnoz

Shadow and her new pack mates