Bon Bon came into ODH care from a shelter; she had a rough first 9 years and then her human father went to jail. She was scared and true to her terrier personality that meant she would bite first/ask questions later. But she loves people! (As long as you are not talking too loudly, passing the remote or touching each other, that is.) Her first reaction to any action is to overreact. So, her ODH family – very experienced dog people – learned very quickly that baby-talk gets you everywhere with Bon Bon. It has been a long learning process for her and for her family as we always need to stay vigilant to keep her from getting hurt or causing a problem. It is a 24-hour job protecting her and not for the weak or soft-hearted. Despite the work, Bon Bon can be the sweetest dog and she loves her daddy the very most! Like other terriers, she is playful, loves to run and chase a toy, and is quite opinionated and voices her likes and dislikes. She loves to lay on her ODH mom’s lap, with a pillow on top of her and then the iPad. A Bon Bon sandwich. This difficult and challenging dog is loved very much!