“Hello, my name is Sadie and I’m hoping to find a new home. I’m a 50 pound mixed breed girl-they say I’m an Australian Shepherd mix. I am not quite 12 years old. My people will tell you I’m a loving, spunky girl. I like to play with a ball and enjoy daily walks. I have arthritis though so I can get sore if I go for too long. Thankfully my humans took me in for a check up and have now begun medication to help so that I can enjoy my fun time longer!

​”​I have lived with another dog and sometimes I get annoyed with her. She’s younger than me and I have been known to try to pull rank on her. I may be fine with another dog, maybe a very mellow, submissive male? My people take me to the dog park sometimes. I don’t really play with the other dogs but I do try to meet and befriend all the people. People are awesome! When my family adopted me years ago, my last person told them I didn’t like cats and would chase them.

​”​The reason I need a new home is really a need. I do not like the young child in my home. She scares me! I don’t want to be in the same room with her. Young kids are loud and unpredictable. I have been stressed since the child started moving. To keep both myself and the child in my home safe, we are being kept separated from each other. This means I spend a lot of time alone and it’s hard on me. Kids that are much older may be fine-maybe teenagers?

​”​While my people love me very much, they know it is best to find me a home without kids and maybe even one with no other animals? I could try to live with another mature dog. Perhaps without the stress of a young child I would relax more?

​”​I’m very smart. I know lots of verbal  commands. I am very sweet and cuddly. I’ll join you in your bedroom at night but won’t expect to be up on the bed with you. I’ll let you know when someone is outside. Apartment living is probably not the best situation for me. I really love people and enjoy their company but I can stay home alone without a problem. I’m a very good girl who hopes  to find my forever home soon. I’m lonely and I have so much love to offer.”

Sadie is currently in Olympia, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.