“My name is Brice. I am an 11 year old brindle boxer mix. My people have been unable to take me to a vet for a few years now so because of that, I am not up to date on my vaccines and they don’t know my exact weight but they are guessing I weigh about 60 pounds. I need to find an adoptive home with people who can afford my vet care and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, keep me forever!

“I used to have a smaller dog buddy that lived with me; we got along great. I much prefer smaller dogs to any other animals-no cats! My people will tell you that I am AMAZING with kids. Of course as a senior boy, I’d like a home with kids that are gentle and old enough to know not to be too rough with me.

“People are awesome! I really am a people pleaser and try to do my best to be a good boy.  My people will tell you that I am a loving dog who appreciates affection. I listen to what they tell me too.I can manage quite a while before I need a potty break. I can climb stairs and I don’t bark much but I will give a bark to let you know someone is at the door. I hope to stay inside the house when you have to leave. I have been good about  doing this for my people and don’t want to be left outside for long periods of time.

“Walks are fun and I’m very good on leash. A home with a fenced yard would be nice. This will not be my first move; I was adopted from a shelter 7 years ago so I hope my new people take time to let me settle in before leaving me for too long. This is something all of us dogs need-people who will show compassion and understanding when we lose our homes. Give us time to adapt to know we are loved, safe and “home”.  I know there’s really good people out there who can do this for me! In return for giving me a forever home, I’ll be your loyal and devoted friend.”

Brice is located at JBLM (Joint Base Lewis-Mcchord), WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.