“Hi There! My name’s Buddy. I’m a 35 pound Beagle mix. The call me a “hunting dog” type but I’m not a hunter, I’m a lover. My person adopted me 9 years ago from a shelter. They told him at the time I was about 3 or 4 years old; that would make me about 12 or 13 years old now. I’m looking for a new home now, one where I can stay forever.

“I really, REALLY like kids. School aged kids that treat me gently are great. I’d love to find a home with some kids to hang out with; I love to snuggle with the kids. I have lived with other dogs before and I do pretty well. I have been known to stand over dogs smaller than myself as a show of intimidation. I don’t mean any harm though. I can’t tell you how I’d be with a cat as I’ve never been around one before but I am very good with rabbits! Yep, rabbits. My family has 2 and they like to hop up in my face or in my bed and I just ignore them. I’m really a good boy.

“I have lots of good energy and I really like my walks, I get 2 a day now. I behave on leash and I know tricks too! I have a toy hedgehog that I play with, he needs to come with me when I move. I throw him up in the air and squeak it. When you come home I welcome you with prancing and happiness, who doesn’t like a happy welcome home?

“I’m not really keen about being left behind. That’s not to say I can’t be but I will bark when you first leave the house. I also bark when I see other dogs walk past my apartment. I think it’d be best if I didn’t live in an apartment for that reason; I don’t want anyone to get in trouble about my barking. When you’re away from the house I will curl up onto the couch. But when you’re home, I’ll be where you are-that’s the best place to be, after all-with my person! As I get older I’ve found that I need to go out to potty more than I used to. I hear it’s the same with humans as they age. It’d be great to find a home where I am able to get out for potty breaks about every 4 hours or so.

“I’m a happy, loving boy who really wants a family that is around more often. I’m waiting in Everett, WA. for my new home.”

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.