Buddy is a wonderful mix of “your guess is as good as ours”. He is about 11 years old and weighs 64 pounds. Buddy has never lived with other dogs but is properly social when meeting others. He has never been observed around cats but he has been good with kind children of all ages. Buddy is dogdoor trained; he can stay alone for a workday as long as you give him access to go outside for potty breaks . He can still manage stairs and really loves a daily walk. Currently Buddy is alone often and, while he manages fine with that, the hope is he will find a family that needs him to keep them company. Since 2009 Buddy’s nose has had this strange appearance; his vet believes it is a form of Lupus but it has not been treated consistently and has not changed. This very nice dog will be sure to reward his adopter with his loving, loyal and sweet disposition! Buddy is in Seattle, Washington waiting for his happily ever after.