“Well here I am again. My name is Chance and I’m not quite 11 years old. I have heard people call me all sorts of breed mixes. I can tell you I weigh 63 pounds but you can make your guesses as to what breed mix I am.  Not long ago I found myself in need of a home. I was adopted to a home with a very nice lady who had a young dog. It turned out that the youngster (who was really still a puppy) and I don’t get along. I’m blind and older so it’s not fair for me to be put in a position where I’m defending myself. I know my person now hates to part with me but she knows it is in the best interest for me and her young dog.
“Meeting other dogs I can get scared, but can you blame me? The more I’m around nice, calm dogs, the better.  I may be OK living with an older, mellow dog who won’t try to bully or challenge me. Being blind I have to learn my way around a new home and I may bump into things or others and a dog needs to understand I’m not trying to harm them, just trying to get around! I have lived with cats just fine. In my previous home there were children and I was scared of them as well. I would prefer a home without young kids. A calm, peaceful home is what I crave.
“I do love going for walks! Yes, a blind dog can go for walks too. I’m good on leash and enjoy a daily walk for about 15-20 minutes every day. I use my nose well! I’ll let you know when I need to get out to potty. But first give me time to learn where to go. I will let you know when I’m hungry with a bark but aside from that, I’m not a barky dog.
“I can stay alone in the house and behave myself. While you are gone I can also manage to “hold it” for a few hours too. Once I learn your stairs I’ll do those, but I’ll need you to show me where they begin and where they end, for my safety.
“I enjoy getting up on the couch and keeping in warm for you. I will be waiting there once you’re ready to watch T.V. or read. I love cuddling! Really, I’m a good boy who just needs someone who is ready to commit to me for the rest of my days.”
Chance is courtesy posted for his owner, located in Bothell, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org


This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.