Clarissa was in poor shape when we first welcomed her home: She smelled like a dirty sock and was thin and exhausted. She put herself to bed in our home office and didn’t eat for the first few days. She didn’t seem to dislike us, but simply ignored us as if we were fellow guests at the same hotel.

Little by little, as her health improved her personality began to show itself. We discovered that Clarissa is a mumbler, and holds lengthy conversations with us in a series of squeaks and groans – usually while sitting up and encouraging us with sweeping movements of her front paws. Her sight and hearing are mostly gone, so she often yells to us from the other room, demanding that someone come help her down from the bed, or open the back door, or simply join her when she is craving company. Such a big change from those early days.

In fact, at her last vet check-up we were told she has gained a whopping three pounds and needs to lose a little weight. You can imagine how well the new diet has gone over!

Clarissa is just loaded with personality, and I have never met another dog like her. She is positive, curious, and has a great sense of humor. What a gift it is to be her forever family!

Update:  This dear girl left us suddenly and she will be greatly missed.  After taking a while to settle in, she clearly relished her new home and enjoyed every day.  Her Final Refuge home is very grateful to have known her.

Who’s ready for a nap?


As I was saying….