Holly came into Old Dog Haven care from a large shelter – where she’d spent time as a stray at least twice before. She had a microchip, so the shelter put her on hold for 10 days before releasing her to ODH. This time, however, we promised her that she will never experience abandonment again.

The shelter veterinarian had serious concerns about her heart and so, after a general veterinary exam, she went to see a cardiologist. Her heart condition is currently not as critical as first expected, but it will need to be monitored on a regular basis and likely will progress as she ages.

Holly is a great little dog, and surprisingly calm and mellow for a beagle. She is very well trained; she knows commands, including how to “shake” hands. On a walk she found a chicken bone next to the sidewalk and instantly scooped it up. But when told to “drop it!” she just as instantly let it go and walked away. She does NOT bark (which is so un-beagle-like) except when a city bus or large delivery van passes by – then she pulls out all the stops and all but bursts into flames. When not zipping along nose to the ground on her walkies, she is sound asleep in one of her dog beds. Her new siblings (ODH Final Refuge dogs Earl and Emmett) overshadow her in size, but she is truly equal to them in personality.

We still have some additional medical issues to sort out for Holly (a painful spot inside her abdomen, itching, obesity – very beaglesque), but we are well on our way. We hope that she will have many more years to enjoy her forever home where she is truly wanted.

Update:  After 4 1/2 years in her wonderful home, Holly’s health failed and her family had to say goodbye.  Shewas a very sweet, gentle girl and will be greatly missed.