Before coming into Old Dog Haven care, Coco Chanel was attacked by another dog and badly hurt. She needed urgent care for her bite wounds and immediate treatment for her damaged eye. Old Dog Haven got Coco the care she needed right away, and The Maranda Fund was used to cover her spay, repair a major hernia and treat her eye wounds.

Poor Coco was in worse shape than originally thought. The X-rays revealed three broken bones in addition to her other injuries. We don’t know when this happened to her but fortunately the bones are now healing. Coco has a number of other health issues, including periodic seizures and Cushing’s disease, but thanks to your support of ODH she’s receiving the treatment she needs.

Coco Chanel’s ODH Final Refuge mom has been amazing and made huge efforts to help Coco recover. She shares with us, “I named her Coco Chanel because after what she had been through she deserved a glamorous name to go with her new glamorous life.” Although CoCo now has only one eye and cannot hear it doesn’t slow her down much. Her mom tells us that, “She can find a teeny, tiny piece of food at 50 paces. CoCo puts to rest the myth that old dogs can’t learn new tricks as she has learned there is plenty of food so there is no need to scavenge–but tearing up boxes looking for food is good fun. And she barks like a seal!”

Seal or not, Coco hates the rain the rain and getting wet so she has to be carried outside to minimize the torment.  Her mom says, “I love and adore Coco. Despite what has happened to her she takes everything in stride and we have become quite attached to each other. She likes to put her paw on my leg for comfort and mealtimes are a joyous occasion for her.  Coco now spends her days snoring while she sleeps, enjoying treats and getting the love she deserves.”

Update:  Dear Coco finally had to leave us as her health gradually faded.  She was a remarkable spirit and totally devoted to her loving mom.

At the 2019 ODH Walk for Old Dogs!

Coco Chanel before eye surgery