Olive is a short-haired Chihuahua who weighed barely more than four pounds when she was brought to a shelter. She had never been spayed and she suffered from a collapsing trachea, a small umbilical hernia, osteoarthritis, and hair loss. She also had only one tooth left in her mouth.  Olive had kennel cough as well, so she was placed in a temporary shelter foster home until she recovered.  Given her many health problems, she was not considered adoptable and shelter asked Old Dog Haven to find her a Final Refuge home where she could live out her senior years with the care and love she needed.

Olive is now getting just that in her ODH forever home!  Her veterinarian concluded that Olive cannot be spayed due to mammary masses covering the area (incisions there could spread the cancerous cells) as well as the chance that her collapsing trachea would make anesthesia dangerous. But her mild heart arrhythmia, bad knees, and spinal damage is now being addressed with medication and supplements. Despite these challenges, Olive’s ODH family reports that she is a very happy girl!  “Olive is at a healthy five pound weight. She has been an Old Dog Haven dog for over a year. She loves other dogs–especially Violet Rose, another Chihuahua. Do not let her size make you think she is small. Her personality is huge. She is sweet, but she is spunky too!”

Now that Olive is truly home and cared for she has discovered a great appetite and loves to twirl around when her food comes. She also loves to cuddle and if the sun is out you will find her lying by the sliding glass door.  At bedtime, Olive loves to dress up and prefers soft PJs. Her people tell us, “She is happy to be in a loving family and be a part of Old Dog Haven!”

Update:  This tiny little girl’s health failed her so we had to say goodbye.  She had a wonderful time in her loving home and really enjoyed her other tiny pack mates.  Such a small girl was a very large presence and we are grateful to have known her.

Santa will surely notice me here!