Sweet Cocoa came into Old Dog Haven care from a five dog household that lost their person very suddenly. Of course, all of the dogs were stressed by this loss but Cocoa was also very overweight, had an enlarged heart, some unresolved kidney issues, and only one eye.  Despite these challenges, Cocoa desperately wanted to be loved.

Once in his Final Refuge home, his very experienced ODH family saw how rich Cocoa is in character and that his larger-than-life personality would require a lot of patience—which they are very willing to give him!  As with many dogs who have suffered from neglect or trauma, Cocoa is very wary of hands: when he wants something you can pet him, otherwise, not so much. He always wants up on his Dad’s chair but once up there, doesn’t necessarily want to be touched. His family understands Cocoa’s boundaries and are committed to work at his pace as he grows into his forever home. They tell us, “We know that he may always have rules about humans touching him but we will respect those and give him all the love he really craves!”

Thanks to your generous support of Cocoa and the other ODH seniors, he’s receiving the veterinary care he needs, prescription food to keep his kidney issues at bay, and a loving family to help him lose weight and gain trust and comfort in a home full of love. This little fellow will only get sweeter in his golden years!

Update:  Cocoa’s health issues finally caught up to him and his loving family had to say goodbye.  He was a reach character and a force of nature and will always be remembered.  His Final Refuge family let him know he was loved and he was a lucky boy to have such love and care.

ODH Final Refuge dog Cocoa ODH Final Refuge dog Cocoa