At 12 years old, Chewy was confiscated from the owner for neglect.  He is a very BIG dog – a Great Pyrenees Mix – and way too thin at 85#.  Just the sweetest good old goofball of a dog that loves everybody.

Since he was unadoptable, the Shelter staff wanted to make sure that Chewy had the best care possible during his final chapter.   They contacted Old Dog Haven, neutered him, did blood work, treated his ear infections, AND when an ODH home was found, Shelter volunteers transported him to his Final Refuge Home !

The Shelter said that he is a VERY picky eater.  Even though he was in a foster home, they struggled to find something he would eat, let alone get him to consume the amount of food a dog his size requires for maintenance.  Getting him to eat is still the on-going campaign.

One day he will eat something and so we prepare more and serve it again, but the next day he refuses it.   At one point we gave him a prescription appetite stimulant in an effort to get him to start eating again, and he actually ate some dry kibble and a piece of bread (both previously shunned.)  There is nothing in his blood work which explains his lack of appetite, but 12 years is very old for such a large breed dog.

By not eating very much, Chewy does not poop very much.  But even on the days he does eat more, he never seems to poop more.  Not being neutered usually results in an enlarged prostate gland and/or prostate cancer, which can compress the colon making it difficult for him to poop (and he does strain to poop.)  Chewy was also diagnosed with Whipworms which live in the colon (treatment which takes a full 3 months is underway.)  Possibly a combination of these factors is affecting what we are seeing with his GI tract.

Chewy was found to have a few suspicious tumors and cysts palpable under the skin that have been aspirated and sent to the lab – we are awaiting results. He also has a few skin lesions so has been started on antibiotics and topical cleanings and will be monitored closely.

The Shelter reported that Chewy loves to walk and walk and walk, and they were right.  Now that he is on a comprehensive pain management plan for osteoarthritis, he actually trots right along.  We have gradually worked our way up to going out for 30-40 minutes at a time, and he seems to love every minute of it, never wanting to turn for home.

Thanks to all the wonderful donors and supporters of Old Dog Haven, Chewy WILL have the best care possible during his final chapter, no matter for how long that will be.

Update:  Chewy had a wonderfull 6 months of being pampered and loved – with lots of walks.  However, his mobility issues worsened and it was time to say goodbye.  Chewy was lovely goofball who really deserved the best and will be greatly missed.