Introducing adorable Cody. Cody is an 11 year old Shih Tzu who weighs 17 pounds. Cody is sweet as pie, quiet and just a dear.  Cody lost his home when his owner developed dementia. Thankfully he was taken into rescue and vetting found he had bladder stones.  He had those remove and now he is in great health and ready to go to his adoptive home.

Cody is a mellow boy who wants nothing more than your company! He is a sweet and warm little soul who brightens my day every day. He is friendly towards strangers, but prefers to stick close to his people; he is extremely loyal and devoted to those gentle and patient enough to earn his trust. He is easygoing and adaptable; he’s just as content to go on walks as he is to warm your lap. That being said, if he feels strongly about something, he will make it clear! He is a strong-willed boy who is very good at telling you what he wants, whether that’s a potty break or a snuggle session.

Cody has done fine with respectful cats and dogs, although he shows more interest in people than other pets. The belief is that Cody will thrive in a family that is understanding of his quiet nature but will still gently push him to grow and explore at his own pace.

Cody’s foster says there are no words to adequately describe how special and wonderful he is and  she feels very lucky to have gotten to know him and care for him. His future family has no idea how lucky they are!

Cody is posted for Rebecca’s Rainbow. He is being fostered in Redmond, WA. For more information about Cody, please contact Michele at:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.