Dahlia was a dog we were asked to take in by a shelter as a hospice case because of kidney failure. Our vet found a tumor along her bladder wall in addition to her poorly functioning kidneys. She was a lovely dog both inside and out, which is why her foster mother named her after a beautiful, unique flower. Not much was known about her past but surely she had once been someone’s loyal friend as she proved herself to be in the short time she was in our care. She was a calm dog and we never heard her bark once, she was wise and gentle. For four months we did all we could to help keep her comfortable and pain free. It was known right from the start that Dahlia probably didn’t have long in this world but her foster mom feels incredibly fortunate to have had as much time as she did with Dahlia. She is missed and will be forever remembered. She passed away November 18, 2013.