This tiny tripod is looking for a job as your snuggle buddy, lap warmer and companion!

Estimated to be between 10-11 years old, and just barely tipping the scale at 6 pounds, Daisy is probably mostly Chiweenie. She’s a friendly little lady – a tad shy when she first meets new people, but quick to warm up and naturally trusting. She gets on well with polite, laid-back dogs, and loves to cuddle with kitties.

Daisy is laid-back, low-energy. When the weather is good she perks up and will happily spend time exploring her yard, and the fact that she’s missing a leg really doesn’t faze her! But in cold weather all she really wants to do is snuggle, preferably on a lap and under a blanket. In the absence of a willing snugglee, she’ll happily curl up on her bed and snooze the gray days away. When not snuggling or snoozing, she enjoys a bit of a chew. She enjoys car rides and is comfortable going to new places.

Daisy is reliably house-trained, although in cold weather she prefers to use a pad indoors. She is crate trained but is so well-behaved she really doesn’t need to be crated. She is quick to understand house rules and routines, and has no bad habits. Daisy hasn’t had much actual training, but she understands “go lay down”, comes when called, and doesn’t mind a leash – although she’d really rather be carried.

In addition to a successful hind-leg amputation and an inguinal hernia repair last year, Daisy has been spayed, chipped, vaccinated and treated against internal and external parasites. Overall she’s in good health, but somewhat weak in her hind end, due mainly to lack of exercise during the winter months. Because of this she tires easily, but gentle daily exercise should build her up nicely.

Daisy is posted for the Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team. She is being fostered in Woodinville, WA. For more information about Daisy and adopting her please email:

This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.