Dakota is a border collie who came to the shelter at age 14 and settled right into his ODH home. He has a chronic condition that makes his back “wonky” but he quickly showed that it didn’t bother him at all, at least for now. This beautiful boy is a SUPER smart gentleman that prances when he walks. His adorable face, perky ears and gentle personality reminds his ODH mom of a teddy bear!

She says: “Dakota brought a calming energy to the rest of the pack, something that I have never experienced. His presence is calming for all! We are all looking forward to getting to know him even better as his personality blossoms. Many nights, I wake to see him lying on his back on the corner of my bed with his feet straight up in the air! It’s so heartwarming to see. He is extremely loved and adored and we are looking forward to many adventures, camping, hiking and boating.”

Update:  At age 16 he’s just as charismatic as ever.   Stiffer and slower, and has had a couple of acutely scary episodes, but hanging on with lots of good medical care and so handsome!”

Final Update:  After rallying so well from several medical issues, it was finally time for Dakota’s family to say goodbye.  He was very, very old and had the most wonderful time with his Final Refuge family.  Dear Dakota, you will always be in our hearts.