Doc and Wendal are best buds who are hoping to find someone who will adopt them together and give them a forever home. Wendal is a 13 year old, 20 pound Shih Tzu/Poodle mix. Doc is a 10 year old, 55 pound Goldendoodle. The boys have lived with other dogs and after, being protective of each other at meeting, we are told they are fine once settled in. The cats they have lived with have been seen as toys to chase so a cat-free home would be best. Reportedly Doc and Wendal are good with kind children. The pair can both handle stairs and it is said they do fine on leash; they enjoy their walks! Doc is described as “the cutest most loveable goldendoodle, with the personality of a pup. He is energetic and playful but, perks of old age, likes some downtime too. He is extremely well behaved.” It is said about Wendal that “he is the little dog that could”. Being that he is Doc’s “ big brother”, but a fraction of his size, he plays hard to keep up with him making for adorable wrestling matches. He’s an older dude so he likes much more alone time and doesn’t need a ton of attention, but LOVES to have his belly rubbed. Wendal and Doc are currently staying up to 8 hours a day alone together without a potty break. Of course it’d be nice to find a home where they won’t have to “hold it” as long.

These best friends are in Snohomish, Washington, ready for their new home together.

ODH has not met these dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.