Dolly Parton is a 10 year old deaf Pitbull and weighs 65 pounds. Dolly is a unique and elegant dog. She knows many hand signals and is gentle and loving with people. Dolly needs a home without  kids unless they are older dog savvy teens.

Dolly does not do well with small animals. She does play rough and she is a big strong girl who will try to dominate other dogs. Dolly has nerve damage so her head is tilted. One of her front legs is very sensitive so nail trims on that foot are challenging. She takes Gabapentin and Carprofen for arthritis. Dolly is allergic to grains.

Dolly Parton loves to be outside for walks, cruising the yard with you, playing with toys, and loves fun in the snow. Vet staff named her Dolly Parton as she will give you quite the concert and loves to sing just like her namesake.

Dolly will need time, patience, and training to be comfortable in her new home. This senior companion will need a securely fenced yard to keep her safe and happy.

Dolly Parton is posted for Adopt a Pet located in Shelton, WA.  For more information on how to adopt Dolly please visit: or email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

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