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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

In 2021, Old Dog Haven got the call about Dorothy, a tiny 7 lb terrified chihuahua that was waiting at the shelter for a foster home to be found.  Dorothy’s final refuge home recalls her journey from an abandoned senior dog to carefree cuddle bug.

“When we picked her up at the shelter, our hearts broke as she shook uncontrollably in our lap and it was clear she had suffered much neglect in her life.  Her nails were so long they curled into her pads and her skin was greasy and covered in scabs and flea dirt.  She was missing most of her teeth and had an untreated cataract in her left eye.  Little did Dorothy know that her luck was about to change!

As an Old Dog Haven final refuge dog,  Dorothy was able to receive the care she needed.  Our vet team completed a full exam and prescribed antibiotics, flea treatment and medicated baths to clear up her itchy and greasy skin.  She was put on a special diet to manage her ongoing digestive issues and eye drops to relieve the pressure in her eye.  Within a few weeks, Dorothy felt and looked a whole lot better.

Dorothy finds comfort in many places in her new forever home.  Her favorite pastime is to nap the day away with one of her many foster brothers and sisters. She has made many friends in her home but one of her favorite dogs is a 60lb boxer mix named Sweetie and these two sleep together every night.   Dorothy also loves people and if you walk away without picking her up, she will howl like a miniature wolf until you come back to get her.  She enjoys going for walks tucked inside your coat with her head sticking out to take in the views.

We have watched in amazement at Dorothy’s transformation from a neglected, scared dog to a sassy and spoiled member of our family.  Old Dog Haven and all of its amazing supporters have given Dorothy a second chance to finally experience life with a forever home that adores her!

Dorothy and friend

Dorothy napping with Sweetie

Dorothy and Sweetie going for a ride

Dorothy ON friend

So many wonderful smells!

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