10 year old Dozer is a male Bull Terrier who weighs about 70 pounds. Dozer came to the Forget Me Not Shelter when his owner could no longer care for him. He is a special needs adoptable dog who needs a committed adopter.

Dozer has only one kidney after having his other was removed a few years ago due to a large mass on it. He is now on a K/D diet to help his remaining kidney. His remaining kidney is not perfectly healthy as he does produce high protein content in the urine but it is mass free and is normal sized. The vet recommended keeping him on the K/D diet and letting him live his best life. Dozer needs an adopter with someone who can afford his veterinary care which will be more than routine, prescription food and medications.

In addition to this Dozer has the common white dog allergy issues.  Cytopoint injections have helped Dozer tremendously. He will benefit greatly with the continuation of these injections for his allergy flare ups as well as occasional oral antihistamines, topical solutions and medicated baths. The shelter will share all of Dozer’s medical records and recommendations with potential adopters.

Dozer is a very sweet boy with an upbeat personality. He loves his toys and his bed. These are the two most important things (aside from snacks! He loves his snacks! and snuggles! He also loves his snuggles!)

This sweet boy loves people of all ages. He is lackadaisical with other dogs his size or larger. If they are friendly, he seems to return the favor. Small dogs and cats are a bit too much like Dozer’s favorite squeaky toys, so he requires a home with no “small furry living playthings”.

To learn more about Dozer and adopting him, please contact the Forget Me Not Shelter in Republic, WA. You can apply online at: www.forgetmenotshelter.org/or phone: 509-775-2308

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.