Littermates Dozer and Riot are 11 year old mastiff and pitbull mixes in need of an adoptive home where they can remain together, forever.

Dozer is a 72 pound boy, his sister Riot weighs 65 pounds. We are told they are good with other dogs and have done well when their family fostered other dogs in their home. The pair are good with cats and even goats! Riot and Dozer have done very well living with children of all ages. Because of their size and age, an ideal home would be one with children old enough to know to be gentle with them.

Dozer may have some arthritis developing as steep stairs can be hard on him. He has some food allergies that his family will share with potential adopters. Dozer does have a tendency to develop ear infections. It is important that whomever adopts these siblings can afford their vet care and good quality food for the rest of their days.

Riot and Dozer are fine to be left alone inside their home as long as they have each other for company. They can manage quite a few hours before needing a potty break. Ideally a senior dog shouldn’t have to hold it for long hours. Dozer and Riot are used to using a dog door which is helpful!  They enjoy lounging outside in the sun but they are accustomed to being inside as much as they please.

While they don’t require a lot of exercise, they do enjoy walks and do their best behaved walks while wearing a Gentle Leader. We are told neither dog barks much. Riot and Dozer are described as being very affectionate. Aside from being beautiful dogs, they sound as though they are very well-behaved. Opening one’s home and heart to a bonded pair can be so rewarding.

Dozer and Riot are located in Ridgefield, WA. For contact information please email:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.