Tequila and Sunrise are best friends who are in need of an adoptive home. Ideally the pair could remain together as they’ve been together for years. Tequila is an 11 year old, female Pomeranian who weighs just under 10 pounds. 9 year old Sunrise is a scruffy chihuahua mix who weighs 8 pounds.

Currently the pair share their home with a cat. They have lived with other dogs, aside from each other, in their past. Sunrise and Tequila have not been observed around children under 10 years old. The thought is they’d prefer older children to share their home with. While Sunrise is very friendly with everyone, Tequila can be unsure of strangers so having a treat handy when meeting her can help win her over.

Both girls love to “dance”. They do well on leash and really appreciate daily walks. We are told they are OK to be left alone, having each other for companionship while their person is away. Considering their breeds, they are said not to be very barky dogs. Of course that is relative to what one considers a barky dog so if you live in a home where the barking of dogs could be an issue, they shouldn’t be an option for you.

Tequila has had some “accidents” so potty pads are kept out for her and Sunrise to use if needed. Sunrise has some arthritis. A home where they’d be expected to climb many stairs regularly could be difficult for them to manage. We are told that Tequila has a collapsing trachea. Both dogs need an adopter who can afford to get them to a vet upon adoption and keep them vetted for the rest of their days. These lovely girls need a committed home and soon.

Sunrise and Tequila are located in Vancouver, WA. For contact information, please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.