Dream is a 64 pound, 8 year old male pit bull who was owner surrendered to the shelter for euthanasia because his previous owners no longer able to care for him properly. Shelter folks recognized a GREAT dog with lots of love and life to offer so he’s up for adoption and ready to find a loving family to take him in.

Dream does really well on a leash but he is a bit slow going because of hip discomfort. His adopter should be willing and able to get help for him. This would mean a vet check up and perhaps medication and supplement to ease his pain. Dream enjoys being outside! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know he’s moving pain free?

Dream loves pets and attention but can be a little picky about treats, he wants the GOOD stuff. Who can blame him? He interacts appropriately with other dogs but would rather be around dogs with similar energy because the energetic friends he has met can be a bit too much for him.

At the shelter, Dream has received a basic physical exam, in addition to routine vaccines, deworming and topical flea preventative. He will need follow-up care with a veterinarian to help alleviate the pain he feels in his hips from his osteoarthritis. Dream is ready to leave the shelter. He would love a comfy and cozy home to spend his golden years in.

Dream is posted for Regional Animal Services in Kent, WA. For more information on how you can  give him his adoptive home, please email  AdoptAPet@kingcounty.gov or go to their website at: Pet adoption program – King County

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.