Duke found himself in a shelter at age 13 when his owner no longer could care for him and friends drove him to safety. He moved into an ODH home with great dignity and has been a happy resident ever since. Duke arrived with a stilted gait and arthritis plus really nasty ears. He’s seen a dermatologist who helped the ear issues a great deal, helped with treatment for a hematoma and then serious facial allergic reactions. All that seems behind him for now! Duke is an excellent host and mentor to the new foster dogs joining his home and enjoys meeting folks at ODH events.

Update from Duke’s Foster Mom:  I loved my boy Duke so much.  I got to love and care for him for 2.5 years; 30 months; 912 days; every one of them a joy with this sweet guy.  Duke was 30 pounds of love, light, and fluffy fur.

His gentle demeanor brought him many friends and admirers; he loved going to ODH events and his soft fluffy coat invited many to come over to our booth or table just to pet him; he really loved that, especially the head massages!

Sadly, the inevitable march of time caught up with him, and as he aged further we could no longer keep his various physical ailments in check, and his arthritis began to overpower him.  We would not let him hurt like that so I sent him on gently, from loving arms with gratitude for getting to be his human.  I am grateful to everyone who sponsored Duke, especially the Evergreen Shetland Sheepdog Club, who sponsored him in honor of another ODH dog, “Girlie”; Duke was my first Shelty and he made me a huge fan of this breed.

You were a Good Boy, Duke; the very best.

e-Duke sheltie2