Calling all poodle lovers! Here are a pair of lovely, bonded standard poodles in need of an  adoptive home.

11 year old Dutchess is the brown poodle. She is described as being very sweet. Nettie is the black poodle. Nettie is almost 10 years old;  she is said to be a goofy, funny dog. They are guessed to weigh about 50 pounds each.  Nettie is good with Dutchess and her humans but aggressive towards small animals. She will catch and kill small animals in the yard and has been known to go after small dogs. It sounds as though these girls need to find a home where there are no other dogs or cats. We’re told the girls have been fine around gentle kids who are respectful of them.

The girls have lived with a senior couple who have fallen on ill health. Nettie and Dutchess have been used to having a lot of company around but we’re told they can stay alone in their home when their people have to leave for a few hours. They are happy to have each other for company and as you can see, they enjoy lounging on the couch together!

Dutchess and Nettie don’t get out for much exercise but it’d be nice if they could find a home where they could. They are used to be kenneled at times and can do stairs. Surely there’s someone who will appreciate and love these best friends!  Nettie and Duchess need a committed home with someone who can afford their lifelong vet care and grooming.

Nettie and Dutchess are located in Graham, WA.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.