Ellie Mae was found abandoned in a yard with 6 other dogs. When taken into the humane society it was found that she has a mast cell tumor on her right elbow and a urinary tract infection. The urinary tract infection has now been treated but the mast cell tumor is in a location that removal would not be complete. Her ultrasound and radiographs to this point are clear. Her life is about what can be done to make life happy and comfortable.

When we first brought Ellie home we discovered she preferred to be the alpha female in the room. Once she settled into the home life and became secure in the environment she has settled down to only occasionally reminding her housemate that she is the alpha. We are working on her house training and make sure she goes outside every few hours whether she wants to or not.

Her personality has begun to brighten with each week. Her favorite activities now are to unmake the bed into a perfect lump of sheets, pillows and comforter to sleep on top of and to bark impatiently while the goats are getting milked. Then she will run to get in front of you while you walk inside with the milking pail.

Her latest achievement? She taught herself how to pick the strawberries off the vine and has decided this will be dessert every evening.

Update:  Ellie Mae had a wonderful time settling into her loving home and relished every day being a cherished family member.  Sadly her health failed her and she was sent on her way with much love.  Her family did everything they could to give this girl a wonderful home.  She will be greatly missed.

Ellie Mae (right) with her housemate