Several weeks after we lost our first ODH dog, Judith asked if we were ready to welcome another dog into our home. We had packed away the toys, bowls and beds. All painful reminders of our recent loss. When the need is great the decision is simple. We knew the best way to honor Trey’s memory was to open our hearts and home to another ODH dog. And we are so glad we did.

Kenji came to us with an array of health issues like most ODH dogs do. After multiple visits to specialists (paid for by ODH), we discovered that Kenji had​ a significant heart murmur, is mostly deaf, has no vision in one eye and very little in the other.  We knew from his breath he had probably never had any dental care.  The poor guy already had 10 teeth missing and he had to have another 10 teeth removed.  The infection in his mouth was so bad that it required extensive surgery which he was able to receive thanks to Old Dog Haven.

Since recovering from surgery, Kenji loves to chase his tennis balls and play with chew toys. He now seeks out more affection (petting) by head bumping our hands.

Kenji’s ‘Dad’  built a ramp to the backyard because he doesn’t do stairs.  Like a true doxie, he buries himself under the pile of blankets. When we come home from work it is a scavenger hunt to see which pile we will find him under.   Kenji has totally bonded to his ‘Dad’ and will drag any clothing of his to his bed to sleep with it.

Kenji is learning to use a sling (made by a wonderful ODH supporter) so we can take him on longer walks with us.

Thank you ODH, for letting us get to know Kenji – he has a home with us forever!

Update:  From Kenji’s loving foster family:   We said the sweetest goodbye to Kenji. He was a staff favorite at the vet and so many people came in to say goodbye. He was loved and he will be missed. It’s hard but the satisfaction of knowing his final 2 years were so wonderful outweigh any pain. Thanks ODH for bringing this amazing dog into our lives.