“Hi! I’m Elly. I am an 18 pound Wire Fox Terrier who just turned 9 years old this month. You’re seeing me here because I am a senior dog, in need of an adoptive home. While yes, my age says “senior”, I’ll tell you that I don’t act like one. I am an active girl who has loads of energy! I need a home with someone who will exercise me every day. Walks and playtime are a must for me. If you want a couch potato dog, I can do that too but only if I’ve been exercised!

I have lived most of my life with another wire fox terrier. I am used to having her around for company. She is up for adoption too but our owner says we don’t have to be adopted together. I’d like to say IF you are up for 2 of us, we’d be very happy to stay together. However, we have heard finding an adopter for 2 dogs is harder than for 1 dog and we really need to be rehomed.

I have been good around nice children. If they are gentle with me, we can play! I have never lived with a cat. It is in my nature to hunt and have a prey drive. For that reason, I’d guess I may like to chase a cat? I have definitely chased my share of vermin and chickens too! This doesn’t mean I’m naughty, it just means I’m doing what comes naturally to me.

My human has trained me to sleep and stay in a crate as needed. This means when you leave the house, I go into my crate. I will go potty on a potty pad when necessary. I can manage quite a while before I need a potty break but that will not always be the case as I get older-just like you humans! I do bark as a dog will to let you know someone is at the house or there’s a strange noise I hear. If you have neighbors who will complain about a dog who barks (even when it is appropriate to do so) I am probably not the girl for you.

Did I say already how much I enjoy walks? They are SO fun! Because I have issues with my trachea I must wear a harness instead of a collar that would pull on my neck. I’d really like it if I never had to wear the shock collar my human has used to make me do as they wish. Because I am so smart, I’d bet I could learn to do what you’d like me to with some positive training!

If you are ready for a dog who wants to spend time in your lap, is a good traveler, is affectionate and appreciates an active home, I am ready for you! I am in need of a committed home where I will get to stay forever and be taken care of. In exchange for that, I will be your devoted furry friend!”

Elly is located in Gaston, ORE. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Elly is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.