“Hi! My humans call me Emmy. About a year ago, I was abandoned at a business and the nice lady I live with now brought me to her loving home. She found my owner through my microchip but they said they didn’t want me back. Lucky for me, this nice lady recognized what a nice girl I am and she decided to give me a home with her and her family.

“Something very, very sad has happened and now the nice lady can no longer keep me. She is busy taking care of her young son who needs her so much more than I do. I need to find a new home very soon. I am really hoping this next home will be the one I get to stay in forever. A home with an adopter who can and will get me to a vet for an exam and lifelong care is important for me. The nice lady has been unable to do this for me so it is unknown as to when I last saw a vet or even had vaccinations. I have some arthritis and for that I receive a daily joint vitamin. I’m embarrassed to admit that sometimes while I’m laying down, I leak urine. This is something I need help for. While that may sound “bad” to some, but I hear lots of older dogs have this issue and their humans are able to give them a pill for help with that. I can get itchy skin and stinky ears too. I bet with care and regular bathing, I’ll shine up real nice!

“The nice lady says I’m guessed to be about 10 years old but no one knows my real age. She says I’m a Australian Shepherd mix. Mixed with perhaps, a husky or heeler? I do like to “talk”! I have conversations with the nice lady. She thinks it’s cute! I’m a smart girl. I weigh about 50 pounds.

“I have lived with other dogs and cats. I do fine with most. I will sometimes play with other dogs. I have lots of energy and I will say I am well behaved while on leash. I even know some verbal commands. There are 2 young kids in my home now and they are kind to me, it is nice to have children who have been taught to be gentle and respectful.

“If the nice lady and her family have to leave the house, I’m a good girl to stay here with the company of the dog and cat. I hang out around the house, I like to sleep on the couch too. I can manage a bit before I need a potty break and at this time, I can still climb some stairs if I have to.

“People will tell you that I’m an extremely sweet girl. The nice lady and her family love me a lot and it hurts them to give me up but it’s necessary. I’m hoping to find another wonderful family to spend the rest of my life with and soon, for the sake of everyone here.”

Emmy is posted for her family in Lakewood, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.