From his foster mom:

Ernie landed in a big shelter as a very old frail thin little guy, was adopted and returned immediately.    The shelter said he was a schnauzer (we think yorkie and hedgehog) and consummate lapdog (he wasn’t ever comfortable on laps but liked being carried and was always right at our feet).  ODH agreed to take him, but his first foster home gave up in 4 days because he barked – loudly! – when left alone.    So he came to us, joined the big pack, and made us smile.   His hair grew out into a silver-tipped cloud and then, when clipped, he looked again like a 10# black terrier.    He loved his food puzzles, loved climbing around investigating things, loved short walks with his tail carried up proudly.   Then he couldn’t go far at all and we found the tumor in his lung.    This tough little fellow carried on cheerily for another two months until the cough got worse and lasted all night – it was time to kiss him goodbye.

Regardless of  his past experiences, WE loved and wanted little Ernie and we will remember him very fondly.