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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Faith had somehow made her way to a large local shelter as a “stray”. Intact, with horrid dental disease, alopecia, terribly infected ears, and mammary masses, Faith was not going to be an adoptable dog at the shelter and she was put on the euthanasia list. The shelters have been at capacity, without a chance at adoption or rescue, there are no other options. Thankfully the shelter found a willing temporary shelter foster to take her and while Faith stayed there, we were asked to add her to our wait list.

Faith’s forever fosters told us she came to their home and settled in immediately and she is just as gentle and sweet as she is lovely. She has done well with the 3 other Old Dog Haven dogs in her home-Yukon Cornelius, Hope and Obie. Most days you will find this four-pack taking a much-anticipated walk to the mailbox with their foster parents. Faith is a quiet girl and they have yet to hear Faith bark! She prances just like a pom princess and loves to play with her foster mom.
Faith has had her intake appointment and the vet addressed her vomiting which seems to be an issue with motility. She’s on medication for that and is being fed multiple small meals a day which is helping her keep her food down. Faith’s ear infections are being treated and she is getting weekly medicated baths to keep her skin itch-free and healthy. We are told she is an angel for her baths, she just loves being held and brushed! With a good diet, supplements and her weekly baths, Faith’s coat is starting to fill in beautifully.

Unfortunately through her intake vetting, it was found Faith has multiple masses in her lungs; metastasizing from her mammary masses. Before x-rays were done the hope was that she could have a much-needed dental, spay and mammary tumor removal. Sadly with those lung masses, it is just not safe. She is considered a hospice dog now but the hope is those masses will be slow-growing. Faith will go back in a month for a recheck of the lung masses (x-rays) and from there, she will just be watched. No one wants this very special girl to ever suffer.

Faith’s foster quoted this saying “If I had my life over again, I’d find you sooner so that I could love you longer.”  How many times have we said this when rescuing or adopting a dog as a senior? Faith is loved deeply and her Old Dog Haven forever fosters are so grateful to have her. They are very thankful to everyone who supports our mission so that Faith could have a gentle and loving home until the end.

We want to take this time to remind everyone that spaying and neutering your dog early in life can greatly reduce the risks of reproductive cancers.

Faith before

Faith before with severe skin issues

Faith with her pack mates, Obie and Hope

Faith in her comfy bed


Faith is sponsored by:

  • Victor Nosce - Lifetime Sponsor