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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!



Koda is a Shar Pei/Pit Bull Mix.  She weighs 56#, has short legs, a wide chest, and is built like a tank.  She was given up by her owner because they didn’t have enough time for her.  She arrived without a collar or a leash, but did have her thyroid pills, a partial bag of food, and a foam mat for sleeping.

Poor Koda arrived with her skin in a horrible state of affairs:  She was bright red and raw on her legs, chin & neck, and her entire under side, with enlarged disfigurement of her front feet.  Her eyes were swollen and tears streamed down her face.  She itched everywhere and all she did was scratch, chew, lick, and rub on anything she could find.  And oh! did she smell like seborrheic skin disease.

Another obvious issue is the entropion of her eye lids – a common condition found in the Shar Pei breed, and very correctable with surgery.  With entropion, the edges of the eyelids are rolled inward causing the eyelashes and hairs to rub against the surface of the eyes.  Constant watering and damage to the corneas can occur.   Koda has an appointment next month with the Ophthalmologist to have her eyes assessed.

Koda arrived on Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and was able to get an appointment for her Intake Exam that following Tuesday.  Over the 3-day weekend, we started daily medicated baths and foot baths to reduce her itching, help her feet, and control the odor.  On Tuesday her doctor started her on Apoquel pills and gave a Cytopoint injection – two medications used to control itchiness in dogs with allergic dermatitis.  These, along with ongoing baths and foot soaks, has made a huge difference in her overall skin condition, and she has started to feel much better (even though her feet don’t LOOK any better.)

Due to the severity of her foot condition, Koda swapped Dermatology appointments with another ODH Final Refuge dog so that she could be seen sooner.  The Dermatologist noted she has “severe hyperplastic interdigital tissue between the digital pads of the front paws.”  In her case, the hairs between her toes got broken off, and yet the roots of the hairs are continuing to grow leading to a diagnosis of “Follicular Cysts.”  Laser surgery on both front feet to remove all the excess tissue is the only option for treatment, and to resolve the problem permanently.

Since Koda is now feeling better, she has become very playful, and loves to race around the yard with the other dogs.  Unfortunately, this causes her feet to become sore, swell, and then the skin to split.  In the end, she winds up sitting on her mat, holding up her foot.  She likes seeing people and getting out and about, so rather than walks (which would destroy her feet) we go for buggy rides around the neighborhood in the dog stroller.  We even went to the ODH Foster & Volunteer Picnic this year, where she was definitely the BIGGEST dog making the rounds while riding in a stroller.

Foot soak to help with sore feet

Ready for a stroll


Koda is sponsored by:

  • Connie Buckley of Bellingham, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Victor Nosce - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Judy Sasges of Everett, WA - Lifetime Sponsor