“Well hello there! My name is Flicka. I’m a 10 year old girl who is made up of all of what I’m sure is the best stuff when you combine a poodle and rat terrier. I weigh only 9 pounds which I guess most people consider to be a “small dog”. While I may be small in size, I’m big in personality! I’m here to find a new home, can you help me? Currently I’m spending most of my time in a kennel in a garage. This is not how my life used to be and I SO want to go back to being inside with people again. I have so much to offer, truly I do. Let me tell you some things about me: I am a great “greeter”. I also like to keep your lap warm. I will play fetch with you and will get you out for 2 walks a day. It’s best that I have a fenced yard-the terrier in me will keep the crows away for you. I do this cute “wiggle” thing that makes humans smile and laugh. Before my life changed, I used to stay inside when my people left for a work day with no problem. I’d appreciate a potty break at least every 6 hours or so-how long can YOU go without needing to potty? If you have a dog door, I know how to use one, I’m smart like that. I’m not a girl who wants to live with other animals. I tried it and it’s just not for me. No other dogs, cats, rabbits, please, I just want you to myself. But I’m good with small humans or kids as they’re called. As long as they don’t want to push or pull on me, but who wants that?! I hear all the time how cute I am and yes, I really am but I’m so much more than a pretty face. I’ll be your best friend.”

Flicka is in Marysville, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.


  • Posted for others; This is NOT an ODH Dog