Floyd arrived at a huge shelter as a terribly crippled but not very old senior. As providence would have it, one of our longtime foster families was thinking about taking in a senior boxer at about the same time and Floyd went home with them. Very sadly, his serious mobility limitations were not due to arthritis (which is treatable at least for a while) but to degenerative myelopathy for which nothing can be done. This awful disease of the spinal cord is most often found in german shepherds but we’ve learned that boxers and welsh corgis are also genetically very prone to it. DM is always progressive and his ODH family watched it take over with real regret. Floyd was a tremendously special dog to them, fitting their family just perfectly, and they surely wished for more time with him. When it was time to let him leave the struggle with his body, they grieved for him but were so glad they could surround him with love for a few months at least. Floyd passed away March, 2015.