Frankie is a super sweet senior looking for love! This distinguished gentleman, 62# and about 12 years old, is seeking a great home to retire to.   His nicknames: Francisco, Frank & No Beans, Gentleman Frank, Sir-Eats-A-Lot.

*Daily itinerary: sleep in, nosh on a hearty breakfast, walk around the couch, go back to bed, notice that it’s snowing outside and politely sit by the back door until being let out to frolic in the snow drifts, let my people know it’s dinner time by staring at them, eat dinner with enthusiasm, do a few laps around the yard, resume nap position, sleep
the sleep of a good dog.

*Favorite things: when everyone gets along (dogs, cats and humans alike), good company, hanging out, snuggling, a bed in front of the fireplace, pets, playing with rope toys, and running around in the yard.

Looking for the fur love of your life? Call about Frankie today! He is posted for the PAWS shelter in Lynnwood WA, but is in a foster home at this time.   Please call 425-787-2500 x801 for information or to arrange a meeting.

THIS IS NOT AN ODH DOG; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

  • PAWS
  • Phone: 425-787-2500 x801