Handsome Jack is a 12 year old. 19 pound, Cairn Terrier mix. At this time Jack lives with 2 large dogs, one is a young dog who can get on his nerves when he doesn’t respect his space. We’re told he can be a bit barky when meeting a new dog but that he’s usually friendly once the initial meeting is over. Jack may enjoy the company of another calm, older dog. Jack’s not been observed around cats. The belief is that he’d be fine with kids who would be respectful of him.

Currently Jack spends the day with his person. He’s not had a lot time spent alone in his home but his person feels he could be OK for a bit once he’s settled into his new home. When a dog lives with someone who rarely leaves the home, a dog gets used to that. It is healthier for a dog to be left alone on a regular basis. One must understand it can take time and patience with a dog for them to adapt to a new lifestyle and routine.

We are told that Jack is a wonderful, devoted companion to his person. Jack loves to cuddle but he also enjoys playing.  He’s excellent on leash. We bet Jack would enjoy daily walks!

Jack does have some arthritis and he has recently started taking an anti-inflammatory   medication for that. As with most dogs his age, his hearing and vision isn’t as sharp as it used to be. It happens with all of us! He has polyps in his ears that make him prone to infections. There is help for that! Old Dog Haven knows of a dermatologist that lasers ear polyps and our dogs have had great success with that. We’d be happy to share the name of the doctor with Jack’s adopter.

Jack was adopted 3 years ago from a shelter after his owner passed away. His current owner is disabled and can no longer care for Jack so he needs to be re-homed.  Jack really needs an adopter who can commit to him for the rest of his days. That adopter needs to be able to afford his vet care as well. This dear boy shouldn’t have to lose his home ever again.

Jack is located in Everett, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.