From his ODH mom: Dear, sweet, Fred… One morning I got a call asking if I would take in a 16-year-old basset hound named “Fred” as a Final Refuge foster. He was an Urgent Need dog & needed a place to go within a few days. I had never had a houndie that old and of course said “yes!” Fred was a sweet boy who loved curling up on the couch with his “sister” Molly and liked to play with his basset brothers. He loved going for rides and would often surprise me by climbing in the van while my back was turned. Fred would go to work with me every Saturday, greeting people was much fun for him, plus they knew he was there and would give him treats! Fred was a star at Mud Bay. Everybody knew him & loved him. I didn’t know the impact he would have as a representative for Old Dog Haven until after he was gone. Fred enjoyed his acupuncture treatments. It helped his arthritis so he could move easier & rest comfortably. I didn’t know how long Fred would be here. It doesn’t matter how much time we have with a fur kid, it’s never gonna be enough. Sixteen is really old for a basset hound so I am happy that we had a bit over 4 months. I knew going into this how hard the end would be and that it could be sooner rather than later, but I wouldn’t have missed my time with Fred for anything. I love him and the love he gave me lives on in my heart. Run free my sweet Fred! I will see you again. When I die I’m going where the dogs go. Until then, I shall watch for another foster.