This distinguished gentleman is Gimli, a 9-year-old lhasa apso who weighs 19 pounds and is potty trained.  Gimli is very sweet and mellow; he likes to relax next to his person as they enjoy their computer or TV or book or whatever joy passes the day.  He’s crate trained and happily goes in on his own when he’s ready to sleep.  He’s hoping to find a special friend that wants to spoil him with yummy goodies and shower him with occasional love and kisses, but for the most part he’s happy to be on his own, relaxing on a dog bed, playing with a squeaky toy once in a while, and mostly just watching the world.

The brave little guy recently had dozens of urinary stones removed and now Gimli is feeling MUCH better.  He also has a leg deformity, which is probably from an injury as a puppy, but despite that, he gets around great and really enjoys his walks!  He walks well on a leash, likes to go slow and sniff around but stays close to his person.  Gimli has gone up some large steps, but his human friends tend to lift the little guy instead of seeing if he can hop into a car, which he seems able to do.  He rides fine in a car, just chills out in his dog bed.

Gimli is a happy, well behaved, easy-going dog ready for a quiet home (probably best if the children are 6 or older) where he can spend his time relaxing.  He would like to meet the kids and family dogs in the home before moving in together.

Gimli is posted for the Humane Society of Southwest Washington in Vancouver, Washington.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

  • Humane Society of Southwest Washington
  • Phone: 360-693-4746